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Robinson Food Pantry

Doris Harrison presents Mary Guyer and Patty Murphy, of Robinson Food Pantry.
with check for continued ministry.


Robinson Food Pantry continues to serve the Robinson area thanks to the generosity of family and friends of Harold Harrison. Harold passed away in December of 2016, but he continues to be a blessing to the people of Robinson who need help. His wife of 66 years, Doris, recently presented a check to continue her husband’s benevolence and legacy.
In the early 1980’s, Mr. Harrison was given the ministry of the Benevolence Committee of Otterbein Church. He recognized the need for a food pantry in Robinson, as well as monies needed for utilities, gas, and rent. He set in motion, through contact with Illinois state and local leaders, the foundation of what we now know to be the Robinson Food Pantry. He began keeping non-perishable food items in the church basement and would distribute as needed. He, also, through the generosity of Robinson Otterbein Church congregation, helped those in need of financial assistance not available elsewhere.
We are happy to say, thanks to generous donations continuing today, the Robinson Food Pantry still meets the nutritional needs of this area. The Pantry is open each Monday and Thursday from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM each week, with exclusion of any 5th Monday or Thursday.

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